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Om Jai Jagdish Hare Aarti (Lakshmi Ji ki Aarti) Lyrics in Hindi

Lakshmi Aarti amid puja is an incredible custom in Hinduism which is performed on the celebration of Diwali implies the celebration of lights. As indicated by the Hindu convention and culture, individuals perform aarti by putting an oil or ghee light in the puja thali and do aarti in round movement and after that do likewise outside their homes to expel the underhanded and welcome the gifts of Goddess Lakshmi.

Third Day of Diwali "Lakshmi Puja"

Individuals, for the most part, revere the Goddess Lakshmi to get wellbeing, riches and thriving. Individuals clean their homes and wear new garments, as it is viewed as that Goddess Lakshmi goes to that houses which are exceptionally flawless and clean. Individuals who are dynamic and do their work self-get more riches and thriving other than the apathetic ones.

In Hinduism, Lord Ganesh is constantly adorned with the Goddess Lakshmi as He was boomed by the Goddess that He would be constantly revered by the people with her. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped by the Hindus in her three structures, for example, the Mahalakshmi implies the goddess of riches, the Mahasaraswati implies the goddess of shrewdness and learning and the Mahakali implies the Kubera, treasurer of God. The accompanying aarti is committed to the Goddess of riches:

Om Jai Jagdish Hare Aarti

Om Jaye Jagdish Hare, Swami Jaye Jagdish Hare
Bhagt Jano Ke Sankat, Khshan Mein Dur Kare …
Jo Dhaywe Phal Pave, Dukh Vinshe Man Ka
Sukh Sampati Ghar Aave, Kasht Mite Tan Ka …

Maat-Pita Tum Mere, Sharan Gahun Kiskee
Tum Bin Aur Na Duja, Aas Karun Jiskee …

Tum Puran Parmatma, Tum Antaryami
Par-Brahm Parmeshwar, Tum Sabke Swami …

Tum Karuna Ke Saagar, Tum Palankarta
Mein Moorakh Khal Kami, Mein Sewak Tum Swami,
Kripa Karo Bharta …

Tum Ho Ek Agochar, Sabke Pran Pati
Kis Vidhi Milun Dayamay, Tumko Mein Kumti …

Deenbandhu Dukh Harta, Thakur Tum Mere
Apne Hath Badao, Apni Sharan Lagao,
Dwar Para Tere …

Vishay Vikaar Mitao, Paap Haro Deva
Shradha Bhakti Barao, Santan Ki Sewa …

Tan Man Dhan, Sab Hai Tera
Tera Tujhko Arpan, Kya Lage Mera …

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